101 Ways To Build A Successful Network Marketing Business

Wayne Toms

Duration: 63 minutes

19 May 2009

About This Podcast

During this Podcast, Nawma interviews Wayne about his book '101 Ways to Build a Successful Network Marketing Business'.

In a one-hour interview, it is obviously not possible to cover all 101 Tips, however, Wayne does talk specifically about...

  • Reality versus Fiction
  • Understand it is a business
  • Develop Yourself
  • Challenges we face
  • Attitude - it's only everything!
  • Bonus tips

About Wayne Toms

Wayne is a successful entrepreneur based in New South Wales, Australia. Married with three children, he has a background in management, traditional business and investing. Recognising the opportunity to leverage and duplicate yourself that Network Marketing provides, and to create passive income, Wayne, along with his wife, Colleen, entered int Network Marketing in 1991. Since that time they have created a successful Network Marketing business and are recognised and also highly regared within the industry for their leadership and teaching abilities.

Today their Network Marketing business provides them with ongoing passive income and other non-cash rewards. The income from their Network Marketing business has provided them with additional cashflow which has been used to foster lifestyle and fund wealth creation through investments, property and the establishment of other business ventures.

They are currently taking time off from actively building their Network Marketing business while developing Enhance Plus - a company they established three years ago, which is in the stages of being franchised both nationally and internationally. The principles behind this business venture were born out of their involvement in Network Marketing.