Trevor Savage

Duration: 62 minutes

3 June 2008

About This Podcast

During this Podcast, Trevor talks about...

  • How does Network Marketing offer distributors FLEXIBILITY?
  • What do you consider your greatest strength in NWM?
  • Why do many people fail in NWM?
  • How to grow your network FAST?
  • What to do on a DAILY basis to keep yourself - and your team - MOTIVATED

About Trevor Savage

Trevor is not only a very high achiever in the Industry, but he has also been involved in Network Marketing for many years.
He is the top income earner in Australia for his company GNLD - a company whose products are focused on health and wellness
Now whilst we try to be as generic, or unbiased as possible, and not promote any one particular company, nor the products or services of any company, we are going to give Trevor a bit of latitude today to talk about GNLD, because the history of his company is intwined in the history of the Network Marketing Industry – and we feel sure that it will be of interest to our listeners.

Trevor is also a health professional in the area of Kinesiology. He lives in Queensland but travels extensively throughout Australia and overseas with both his GNLD and Kinesioology business – which is why he is going to address us today about the great advantage of flexibility in Network Marketing.