FORGET About Having a Positive Mental Attitude

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter

Duration: 57 minutes

27 May 2008

About This Podcast

During this Podcast, 'Big Al' talks about...

• Forget chanting affirmations.

• Forget goal charts.

• Forget having a positive attitude.

• And stop singing the company song!

If you want to do network marketing successfully, thinking about, hoping about it, and having good intentions isn't enough.
You actually need to do something.
You will have to get prospects to come to you, and then say and do the right things.
But where will you find good prospects? And what should you say?

Join us as we interview Tom ‘Big Al" Schreiter’ who will tell us exactly what to say and what to do.
And make sure to have a pen and paper handy to write down the magic words and phrases he will be teaching us. Say the right words and your prospect can't resist.

By listening to this TeleSeminar, you can be assured of two things…

1. You will get some great ideas about how to grow your business.

2. You will get a lot of laughs. (He doesn’t try to be funny – he just can’t help it)

      About Tom 'Big Al'  Schreiter

      Tom, (or ‘Big Al’ as he is affectionately known) is one of the leading (and most popular) Network Marketing Trainers in the world today.

      A globetrotting consumer of fine-foods (especially donuts and rich sweets), he is equally at home educating and entertaining groups of Network Marketers, regardless of the company they represent.

      Check out his website at for heaps of helpful hints and great information on how to grow your Network Marketing business.