Ten Steps to Successful Networking

Tania Basheer

Duration: 56 minutes

3 July 2007

About This Podcast

During this Podcast, Tania talks about...

  • Communication Skills
  • Prepare Your 'ABC' - Audio Business Card
  • Befriend Centres-of-Influence
  • Follow-up Follow-up Follow-up
  • Plus 5 more great tips!

About Tania Basheer

My passion is to help SoHo (and aspiring SoHo) business owners and corporate executives – particularly people in their 20’s to 40’s – busy professionals and creative individuals to live their ideal lifestyle and be who they really want to be. I also really enjoy helping people develop their intuition, unique talents and gifts and to enjoy living with more energy, more balance, more fun!

When did I work this out? Just over 10 years ago when I was 35, after hiring my own coach and undertaking coach training with Results Coaching Systems, founded by an Australian Coach, David Rock. I have since become a certified coach, mentor, trainer and assessor and started my own business Blue Sky Coaching in 2002 and I'm an accredited coach and active Member of the International Coach Federation

I have also studied and teach EFT/Energy Tapping techniques and have produced a DVD and workbook package which is available on this website. Click here for Energy Tapping.

I made the switch from working many long and stressful hours - 17 years worth - as a Chartered Accountant in large international accounting firms advising small business owners, entrepreneurs and CEO’s in relation to new business start-ups and on operating successful business ventures, to starting up my own SoHo coaching business, writing for magazines as well as producing my own monthly e-zine, "Living the Dream". And now, I love my work and my life!