How to Build Relationships OUTSIDE Your Home Market

Susanne Ridolfi

Duration: 62 minutes

25 November 2008

About This Podcast

During this Podcast, Susanne talks about...

  • Why have a Global Network Marketing Business?
  • What does it take to establish a GNMB?
  • How to build it
  • Practical Issues to think of
  • How to maintain and nurture your overseas team

About Susanne Ridolfi

Susanne is Swedish and has been involved in body work and Shiatsu for over 20 years.
In 1989, she moved to London and started to work at the British School of Shiatsu-Do, as a company director, co-principal and education director, as well as a Shiatsu-Do teacher, therapist, and team development trainer for the teaching and administration staff. In addition, Susanne is a certified Cranio Sacral therapist and author of several books: ”Shiatsu For Women” (co-author with Ray Ridolfi) ”Guide to Natural Therapies” (author of chapters on Shiatsu and Do-In) ”The New Life Library, Shiatsu ”(author) and ”Shiatsu for Health and Well-Being” (author)
Susanne started her career as a physical education teacher (graduated from GIH in Stockholm, Sweden) and she has an active background, including being one of the top twenty Swedish gymnasts during her teenage years. She has also trained in dance, worked as a fitness instructor, and coached a gymnastics team.
Her educational background also includes university studies in psychology and sociology.
Following her interest in alternative therapies, Susanne has trained in Tai Chi, Chi Gong and Do-In.
She is also a certified ARENA Team Development trainer and has extensive experience in the area of management and team training.

Susanne and Ray, her husband, moved to Australia in 2002, after 13 years together in UK. We have been using the Nikken technologies since 1996 with miraculous personal results. Ray, after much initial skepticism, started our Nikken part time business in mid 1999. I later joined him because we wanted more family time, a business without employees to care for, and no more sixty hours working weeks. We wanted to be less stressed, work less and still have a healthy residual income source. To return to Australia we needed an international and ‘mobile’ business, one we could run from home, anywhere in the world. Well, we found it. We love the freedom of choice we have created through our part time Nikken business.
Through helping people achieve improved personal and family wellness as customers, and others, healthier wealth as our business partners, we feel both spiritually and financially successful. When you love what you do then it is no longer ‘work’. In Nikken we emphasise personal development education and communication in our training and support and work to build 'win-win' relationships both professionally and personally.