Steve Condos

Duration: 53 minutes

24 June 2008

About This Podcast

During this Podcast, Steve talks about...

  • Why we must have the right attitude
  • Why attitude matters?
  • Why attitude is everything?
  • Adopting the right attitude
  • Attitude affects - behaviour determines

About Steve Condos

Steve Condos represents a growing number of professionals who have seen the benefits of joining the Network Marketing industry.
He is a Civil Engineer and holds a Bachelor Degree of Engineering in Civil Engineering and has worked both in private and public sector.

With 15 years experience in Network Marketing, he has built large networks with three different companies and is a pioneer distributor with FFi in Australia.
FFi – short for Fuel Freedom International – is an environmentally conscious company, committed to creating greater global, public environmental awareness through its innovative product technology. FFi launched in Orlando, Florida in 2005 and in just over two and a half years, has offices in eleven countries with more than 300,000 distributors worldwide. Steve sat on the first FFi Australia Advisory Board - and has one of the largest groups in Australia.

Married to Liz – who provides great support in their FFi business – they have two children - and love the lifestyle and future that this industry offers all Network Marketers.

When asked the key to his success in the industry, Steve, unhesitatingly responded that his attitude is what has determined his altitude – and that is the topic of his conversation with us today.