Sandy Harding

Duration: 62 minutes

17 July 2007

About This Podcast

During this Podcast, Sandy talks about...

  • What is Leadership
  • How to personally develop as a Leader
  • Why do so few people make it to the leadership ranks in networking?
  • How does a Leader deal with things not going to plan?
  • What are the qualities a Leader must have?

About Sandy Harding

Sandy has a background in finance. Several years ago - the penny dropped that the only way to 'Get thru' the Game Of Life and Win' -  is to go to work for yourself - but not before you have gone to work ON yourself.

So she quit her job and went to work with an Australian networking company. Her involvement with that particular company spanned 15 years

Sandy became involved in Melaleuca in 2001 and has been the top Income achiever in Australia for the last 6 years.

Her passion is to help others succeed.

Currently Sandy and her husband of 35 years live in Perth. They have 2 adult children and as you will probably be able to detect Sandy is from NZ