Robert Ryan

Duration: 71 minutes

9 October 2007

About This Podcast

During this Podcast, Robert talks about some of the common mistakes that Network Marketers make - and how to avoid them!

He covers topics such as...

  • The two basic activities to grow your business
  • Why the tortoise beats the hare
  • Perils of sponsoring the wrong people
  • Don't propose marriage on the first date!
  • Syndromes to avoid.

About Robert Ryan

Robert Ryan first encountered network marketing in 1996. It wasn't a fruitful experience.
Five years later, however, ill-health, brought on by extra long work hours, prompted him to look again with a more determined mind. After a year of searching he found a company he felt comfortable with.

Since then he has added several ventures to his portfolio. He has not needed to work a day job since 2004. He is the creator of the OptimaSystem and has written numerous articles and eBooks such as "The Wealth Formula" and "How To Compare MLM Network Marketing Businesses."

Robert states: "I've made perhaps every mistake there is to make. I see so many others make the same mistakes. Many are defeated by them. I hope that by becoming aware of these common pitfalls, it means more people can avoid them, or overcome them sooner and reach their goals more quickly. Thereby we can improve the record of this industry."