Michelle Kleinert

Duration: 59 minutes

11 September 2007

About This Podcast

During this Podcast, Michelle talks about...

  • How to turn a Negative into a Positive
  • How to harness your natural talents to make your business work for you
  • How to stop making excuses
  • Learn about staying motivated and keeping your team motivated too!

About Michelle Kleinert

Michelle Kleinert was introduced to Network Marketing in 2001. Unlike many newcomers to the industry, Michelle fell in love with the first company she was introduced to – Tahitian Noni International – and has been with them ever since.

She has achieved the prestigious rank of Pearl, and enjoys being an enthusiastic and energetic leader for everyone in her group.

Before Tahitian Noni, Michelle worked in the entertainment and marketing industries. She has over 20 years experience in customer service, and takes an 'out of the box' approach to Network Marketing, having worked with city councils, newspapers, magazines, and popular television programs to promote her business.

Michelle’s 'never give up' attitude makes her the perfect person to speak about why we need to stop making excuses.

She will help us identify what sometimes prevents us from succeeding, as well as tips on staying motivated, prospecting, communicating, and creating energy.