Matt Church

Duration: 54 minutes

25 September 2007

About This Podcast

Have you ever had someone say to you ‘You're impossible to’s like nothing is ever good enough for you!’?

You might hear this from someone you work with. Normally it’s said in response to some feedback about how they are doing their job.

Don’t take on board what they are saying. They are wrong. There is nothing wrong with them thinking what they think, but it’s wrong for you to accept it as true. Great things require a push, a struggle, a stubborn attachment to making things better. I know, I know, I can hear the self help gurus who tell you ‘let go, surrender, be without expectation.’ And while these are good for your soul and also true, equanimity won't make things happen in the commercial world.

The ‘never good enough’ comment comes from your obsession with continuous improvement. This is not typical, people are hardwired to maintain the status quo. They need to manage a process with predictable consistency. It's counter-intuitive to push things forward, to advance things, to look for the next improvement. My friend and Implementation Expert, Peter Cook<>, is working on a book that explores how to overcome this exact condition and I reckon it's change the world kind of stuff.

You see I have been blessed with dissatisfaction and I owe it to a personal development tape (that's right, tape) I listened to when I was sixteen. Brian Tracy’s *Psychology of Achievement* series explores how movers and shakers need to challenge the comfortable and stretch. It’s how all great things get done. Steve Jobs called it being ‘insanely great’, Barbara Streisand (singer) gets called a prima dona because she wants things done just right in her concerts. She is not a prima dona, she is world class. If the concert is not exceptional does the roadie get criticised?

Here’s the thing - if you are trying to do great things then stay obsessed with improvement and if you are working for someone who is changing the world then get on board. It’s not a job it's a life experience and you're lucky to be part of it.

So, start being unreasonable with what you want from you, your team and your business. Become a demand for insanely great.

About Matt Church

Matt is a leading thinker who spends his time assisting others to raise the quality of their leadership in three key areas: Thought Leadership, Speakership and Motivational Leadership.

An innovative entrepreneur, best- selling author and world-class conference speaker, he was recently recognized by the international speaking community as one of the 25 most influential people in the global speaking profession.