Belief - The Bare Bones!

Mark & Flora Trinca

Independent Associates

Duration: 69 minutes

7 April 2009

About This Podcast

During this Podcast, Mark and Flora talk about...

  • How to build belief
  • Why TIME is important
  • The numbers and law of averages
  • Use a SYSTEM – don’t reinvent the wheel
  • Get related to your downline
  • Understand your team
  • Why work CROSS-LINE?
  • What to do on a DAILY basis – the small steps
  • Getting people started the RIGHT way

About Mark & Flora Trinca

Mark and Flora joined USANA, six years ago and were introduced by  one of Mark’s cycling companions.
Initially, Mark was sceptical about the Network Marketing Industry, as he had seen family and friends squander but never prosper.
However, Mark and Flora took up the offer to listen to a presentation of the USANA product range and business plan, over coffee.

Following the meeting, Mark being from a science background and very analytical, preceded to research the Network Marketing Industry and the USANA Company intensely for a week – night and day.  At the conclusion of their research the couple agreed that there was something different about this network company and the uniqueness of the products offered – this was definitely the company they wanted to be involved in.  This was going to be the vehicle to get them out of their rut!!

Four years after joining Usana and building their business locally and internationally, Mark and Flora advanced to the rank of Gold Directors.  Mark and Flora now work their business an average of 5-10 hours per week allowing them to enjoy their desired lifestyle.

They have two daughters Ettora aged seven and Sofia four.  They are now the reason Mark and Flora  do this business – giving their daughters the things they could never have growing up.  This includes taking them travelling – giving them life long memories.

Apart from being passionate about this industry and business Mark’s other passions include his family, cycling, woodworking and music.  Flora is passionate about bringing up healthy children – she achieves this with lots of home cooked/prepared food. Apart from cooking Flora also enjoys, entertaining, yoga, walking and reading.