Affirmations and Visualisation

Lillian McWilliams

Duration: 61 minutes

18 November 2008

About This Podcast

During this Podcast, Lillian talks about...

  • SEE your Dreams in REALITY
  • Creating PICTURES in Your Mind
  • Creative Visualisation IS the Art of Communication
  • KNOW What You Want
  • Attracting What you Desire is Not Work - IT'S FUN!
  • Expand Your Energy and Raise Your Vibrations
  • Affirm Your Desires
  • Tips for Getting the Most out of Affirmations

About the Presenter

I was born in the Philippines and worked in New Zealand in 1974 till 1977 and decided to come to sydney for more work as an entertainer and since then lived in the Eastern Suburbs in Sydney.
I work as an entertainer doing the club circuits here and abroad, cruises and corporate performances.
I discovered Network Marketing in the early 90's when a friend told me about Amway and I was really excited that there is an industry that I could get myself into without investing a lot of money and yet I could own a business that could make me "rich". That was the beginning of my journey with network marketing and I've nver looked back, since then I have been involved with few different companies and I must say that the experience that I learned from these companies and industry is helping me today building a successful business for myself. I love it!

At present, I'm an Orgaleader with LR Health & Beauty Systems, a company from Germany that offers everyone "A Chance to Change" with it's opportunity to build a home-based business without investing a lot of money, with it's extraordinary product range all made in Germany, our unique Celebrity Concept and most of all our Mercedes Benz & VW Polo Car concept, a very fair Marketing Plan and continuous company support and training.
These are just a few advantages featured with LR. I qualified with the Mercedes Benz Car in 15 months being with LR. I'm driving a Black B200 2007 model. A really nice car to drive and a great symbol of success.