Indra Virasinghe

Duration: 51 minutes

13 May 2008

About Indra Virasinghe

Born: 26 Jan 1934 (Australia Day)

Career History: 1958 to 1965 - Commissioned Officer RCyAF 1960 to 1962 -ADC to Air Marshall JL Barker, Commander RCyAF 1963 to 1965 - Commanding Officer RCyAF Regiment.

1965 to 1975 - Commissioned Officer Royal Air Force, U.K. Selected by the MOD UK as Liaison officer to represent the British Forces in the 1st ever post world War 2, joint naval, air and military exercise on German soil in 1967. Appointed staff officer responsible for safeguarding the security of HRH Prince Charles, when he was learning to fly at RAF Tangmere in 1967. Stationed at a number of exciting overseas bases: Germany, Cyprus, Singapore, Hong Kong.
Responsible for co-ordinating the hand-over of the large RAF bases Seletar, Changi and Tengah, to the Govt of Singapore in 1971.

Opted for voluntary retirement at the age of 39 on completion of 16 years commissioned service, with a pension indexed for life.

1975 to 1982 Headed my own Import/Export Company in London.

1983 Went to Sri Lanka to set up a factory in the Free Trade Zone for exports to the U.K., at the request of the Minister for Trade & Foreign Affairs. Migrated to Perth in 1984 following the unrest in Sri Lanka.

1984 to 1985 Marketing Director – Ausean International & Sontax Australia.

1986 to 1996 Large Case Complex audit – Sales Tax, ATO.
Also started my own leather manufacturing/wholesale Company – Pelini International.

In 1991, a freak accident necessitated my having to undergo 4 lots of surgery and the 5th to be, was major neuro surgery, where the options weren’t stacked in my favour, I declined the surgery and decided to take control of my life - try and heal myself and find a way to create a passive residual income that would grow and not diminish even if I was taken out of the equation. I knew what Jean Paul Ghetty meant when he said that he would rather derive the benefit from the effort of a 100 people than derive 100% from his own effort . It was simple logic and straightforward sense. I found NWM to be the ONLY option open to me and gave it a real crack.

I joined 2 separate NWM Co’s that had a line of nutritional products and whilst they along with the myriad medications I was on, reduced symptoms by about 50 to60%, I could not get over the hill so to speak.

I joined 4 Life in 2002 February following a 5 minute ‘phone call from a close friend who is a naturopath; it took me just 4 minutes to make a decision to join and walk away from a company where I controlled 80% of Australasian business.

Today I have not only been blessed with the largest organisation in our company in Australasia, but have managed to re-build my body with immunological support provided by 4 Life’s world patented products and generate a passive residual income that is more than double that from my previous company.

Extra-Curricular Activities Played International Hockey. Represented the Combined Services in both Hockey and Cricket. Won the Latin American Ballroom Championships of Ceylon(Sri Lanka) in 1958. Have taken part in a number amateur musicals and stage shows. Play a number of musical instruments.