Get Off To A Fast Start

George Knight

Duration: 63 minutes

30 September 2008

About This Podcast

During this Podcast, George talks about...

  • From broke to $40,000 per month in 2 years
  • How to recruit the best people
  • How to present your business in a palatable fashion
  • How to organise your time (regardless of whether you're part or full time)
  • How to duplicate

About George Knight

George Knight bought his first investment property at 20 and his firstMercedes at 21.
By most people's standards he was successful, but at no stage did he ever feel financially free.
“Since I was very young I was always ambitious,” George recalls.
“Like many kids I had a little “side business” even at school.

I left at 18 and went into my own business, working six and seven days a week, five to six nights a week for many years.
The one thing I wanted eluded me - I wanted to have what I call a “locomotion” business instead of a “wheelbarrow” business.
A locomotion business is one that continues to earn income whether I am driving it or not. But what I ended up with was a business that controlled me.
I put in some incredibly long hours and hard work, under continuous financial pressure. Then I made a few commercial “errors” of judgement and after working for 21 years, I ended up broke with nothing!”

“As luck would have it I bumped into a friend one night at my local hotel.
When he spoke to me about Herbalife, I didn't really listen to what he said, but I did notice how healthy and happy he looked.
I signed up for the 
business and started using the products. My 2 best friends joined me in the business and we worked together supporting each other. Step by step we built very successful businesses around the world.”
“I now have the ultimate “locomotion” business and I still work hard and I love it.

My two boys, Oscar and Claude experience the daily benefits of hard work. In my past businesses I observed many people who truly deserved to succeed, yet very few actually ever achieve success.

In my opinion it's because of their choice of business, job, or “vehicle” that fails them.
They simply got involved in the wrong business at the wrong time.”