Gary Edwards

Duration: 75 minutes

18 December 2007

About This Podcast

Trust is the key ingredient to building good relationships – and trust is all about perception!

Unfortunately, the perception of Network Marketing is often a negative one, with people asking “Why should I believe what you’re saying?”

During this Podcast, Gary talks about...


  • Why trust is so important in a relationship
  • The two things that undermine trust and weaken relationships
  • The 4 stages of buying commitment and how to talk for each stage
  • How to overcome negative perceptions and build stronger relationships

About Gary Edwards

Gary has over 20 years experience working in high stakes situations:

  • as a lawyer acting for clients in court
  • as a mediator in business conflicts
  • with police hostage negotiators and operational police in conflict situations
  • as a keynote speaker and corporate trainer
  • coaching executives and speakers
  • as a professional corporate magician with audiences ranging from the friendly to the downright difficult!

He is a business speaker and communication coach who helps people to take their business to the next level through better communication.

Gary has seen and given thousands of presentations and come to the conclusion that there are 7 things that highly effective presenters do consistently well – as a habit – which other presenters don’t.



At the time of this TeleSeminar, Gary's business was known as 'Collaborative Conversations'.
His business is now known as 'High Stakes Communication' - which can be found at the same website -