Eugene and Karen Piccinotti

Duration: 60 minutes

10 June 2008

About This Podcast

During this Podcast, Eugene and Karen talk about...

  • How to combat the emotional roller-coaster
  • The importance of being COACHABLE
  • Knowing your ‘WHY’
  • Methodical, clear and concise training
  • Prospecting in the warm, casual and cold market
  • Sell the SIZZLE!

About Eugene & Karen Piccinotti

Eugene and Karen are no newcomers to the Network Marketing Industry – having first become involved more than fifteen years ago.
Today, the Piccinotti’s are leading distributors with ACN - a global telecommunications company with representation in 19 countries.
Established in 1993, ACN launched in Australia in 2003. Eugene and Karen achieved the rank of Regional Vice President in only 22 months.

Prior to their involvement in Network Marketing, Karen was an author, motivational speaker and professional educator - whilst Eugene was involved in the corporate world – in particular, managing financial investments.
They chose to move away from the long hours and limited income opportunity of corporate life to become involved in Network Marketing – and haven’t looked back since.
As mentioned earlier, they have achieved the rank of Regional Vice President – a title or position that probably has little or no meaning to most of us. However, in doing our research prior to inviting the Piccinotti’s to be guest presenters on today’s TeleSeminar, let me assure you that this is quite a prestigious achievement – and even more meritorious is the fact that they have been in the top 25 Regional Vice Presidents for the world for the last 12 months.
The are obviously experienced and well qualified to share their knowledge and experience to us today.