Don Ritchie

Duration: 58 minutes

18 September 2007

About This Podcast

During this Podcast, Don talks about 'The STOLEN DREAM Squad' - and who is to blame for it!

He covers topics such as...

  • The Why - The Reason - The Dream!
  • How to identify mental road blocks.
  • Reasons why people fail

About Don Ritchie

Don Ritchie was introduced to Network Marketing through a business associate in a franchise in 1994.
The Company he joined, Neways International, was his first and he has stayed with that company for the past 13 years.

By applying the basic principles of any business - hard work and focus, Don found success very quickly. He achieved the rank of Crystal Double Diamond and is one of the top earners in his Company. As one industry leader said “It goes without saying that Don takes his business seriously, but he has developed a unique way of looking at the funny side of some of the challenges thrown up by our industry. His satirical but unique anecdotes remind us to enjoy life and not take anything too seriously”

Through his personal growth seminar ‘Power Creates Magic’, Don has touched the lives of a large number of people, both within and outside of his organisation.
His philosophy of ‘what you give, you get back - multiplied’ is evident in his willingness to give to others outside of his own team.

Don’s belief that Network Marketing is ‘the most democratic form of business in the world today’ has been a driving force behind his passion for sharing the concept of our industry and continues to do that today.