Derrick McManus

Duration: 62 minutes

29 July 2008

About This Podcast

During this Podcast, Derrick talks about...

  • Success is a matter of choice – no matter what
  • Understanding the Attitude Equation
  • Preparing mentally, physically and emotionally
  • Learn how to get creative in the midst of the adversity
  • Laughing while learning from our mistakes
  • What is it that makes people want to be part of your networking business?

About Derrick McManus

Senior Constable Derrick McManus survived South Australia’s longest running siege and in doing so demonstrated that individuals can defy the odds; nothing is impossible.
His message is applicable to network marketers, to businesses of any kind and obviously to individuals.
His story is an inspiration of what can be achieved by sheer guts and setting achievable goals and highlights the part that belief in self and attitude play in achieving results.

Today, Derrick will share his 7 ‘Bullet Points’ of Personal Leadership and his 9 ‘Bullet Points’ of Mental Toughness... that will make your business a success.
Building a Network Marketing business revolves almost entirely on the Marketers’ belief in themselves and belief in their product.
This TeleSeminar will show how to increase your self-belief and your confidence and increase your success in business.