The Mobile Business That Anyone Can Do

Cheryle Nye

Duration: 60 minutes

31 March 2009

About This Podcast

During this Podcast, Cheryle talks about...

  • Mobile and Portable
  • Can Anyone Really Do Network Marketing?
  • Stumbling Blocks to Success
  • Key Ingredients for Success

About Cheryle Nye

Cheryle Nye is a...

  • Director Manuka International Pty Ltd
  • Director/Founder CResults Australia Pty Ltd
  • Beauty Therapist Speaker and Educator

Her background is in the media - working in television, radio and the newspaper industry.
A graduate with an Associated Diploma of Health Sciences and five independent certificates on massage including Tui Na Chinese massage and Myofunctional Therapy.
She has always appreciated the knowledge, confidence and passion gained from working with people sharing skills and experiences.

A highly respected beauty therapist, salon owner and successful business leader, she was appointed as an adviser representing the beauty industry on the Board of Education to assist with the successful, independent break away of the Beauty Industry from the Hairdressing Industry.

Cheryle has been an active, qualified educator for the Victorian University and private colleges for a number of years, producing manuals and educational material to assist these institutions, to train skilled beauty therapists, including New Zealand, teaching and qualifying students under C.I.D.I.S.C.O for international license.

She is the founder and designer for CResults Australia Pty Ltd. Combining her experience and vast knowledge has challenge the beauty industry, to recognize nature has the answer to great skincare, she firmly believes everybody is entitled to a simple, genuine, honest product rich in natural ingredients.

A strong advocate of Network Marketing to provide knowledge and service. She has travelled and learnt about Manuka honey and other natural ingredients, including essential oils and the benefits of using these wonderful compounds in designing skincare.

Since 1992 she has been one of the Directors of Manuka International Pty. Ltd., importing, distributing and exporting Manuka Honey.

Cheryle is an experienced public speaker and takes great pride in the fact that humor and knowledge blend to help people understand how the cosmetic industry works. F
or many years Cheryle has combined her business skills and personal involvement with Autism, to support and work with disability services, to assist families to be independent and supportive of their children and young adults in their local community.

She loves young, enthusiastic people and encourages everybody to recognize their natural skills and use them to be champions. Cheryle has written many editorials and articles for health magazines and news papers and is currently writing for the magazine ‘Finally at 40 Life Begins’