Cheri Novobranec

Duration: 60 minutes

13 November 2007

About This Podcast

During this Podcast, Cheri talks about...

  • The importance of being open to Change
  • Who chooses Network Marketing as a Career Path?
  • How to build win-win relationships
  • How to use 'F.O.R.M.'
  • Being the best YOU - that you can be!

About Cheri Novobranec

Cheri and her husband, first became involved in Network Marketing way back in 1979.
Unfortunately, their career was short-lived through failed business relationships and a lack of understanding of the industry.
Both said "Never again!", however, when Stan suffered a serious health challenge 12 years ago, he was introduced to the Reliv product range.

Whilst there was no immediate intention of building a long term business with Reliv, circumstances about 4 years ago, dictated that Cheri had to become a stay at home Mum - 24/7. Despite numerous personal challenges, and with a need to supplement the family income, Cheri started promoting Reliv products as a business - and it has certainly paid dividends!

Several awards, overseas travel and amazing personal growth (not to mention increased disposable income) has changed the lives of the Novobranec family.