The Three P's

Cathy Galbraith

Duration: 57 minutes

2 December 2008

About This Podcast

During this Podcast, Cathy talks about...

  • Building your list – contact list WHY, WHO?
  • Thinking inside and outside the box
  • Approaching people
  • Persistency
  • Professionalism
  • Posture

About Cathy Galbraith

Cathy has one of the fastest growing Melaleuca businesses in Australia
Melaleuca was founded in the USA in 1985 and is 
now represented in 14 countries – launching in Australia 7 years ago Its product range includes household and personal care products that are environmentally 
friendly, and as the name implies, many of its products contain the oil from the Melaleuca 
(or Tea Tree) plant that is grown here in Australia.

Cathy first became involved in Network Marketing with a party plan business when she first arrived in Australia in January 2005 - to get and meet people.

She joined Melaleuca in September 2007. In just ten months she has achieved the rank of Senior Director - meaning that she enjoys bonus 
cheques in the order of $10,600 to $16,800 each month.

Originally from Calgary, Canada, Cathy is married to Ross. 
They have four children and live in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast