3 Way Calling

3-Way Calling – the Smart Way to Leverage Your Time!

What is 3-Way Calling?

3-Way Calling (also known as 3-Way Chat) is a conference-type call between three people on separate telephone lines. All three people could be in the same town or city - or thousands of kilometres apart.

3-Way Calling is often used by people on committees or workgroups - or simply by friends who just want to co-ordinate a time/meeting place without to-ing and fro-ing from one to the other.

For Network Marketers it is AN ABSOLUTE MUST. It is one of the simplest, smartest ways of leveraging your time and is an essential communication, training and prospecting tool.

Once people become accustomed to using it, they wonder how they ever got along without it.

And it’s so simple!

Here’s an example of how to use it:

Lets say you’re a novice Network Marketer and you have a prospect that wants  answers to several ‘curly’ questions. You simply say to your prospect, “Hey, instead of me giving you a ‘half-baked’ answer, would you mind if I got someone who is far more experienced than me, to answer that for you – just hold the line for two secs and I’ll get him/her on the line”.

(Obviously you will want to know that your Sponsor or ‘Upline Expert’ is going to be available so that you don’t keep your prospect dangling on the line).

Follow These Steps:

Step 1

  • Press the RECALL Button*
  • Wait for Dial Tone
  • Dial the number of your Sponsor/Upline Expert
  • Wait for him/her to answer

Step 2

  • When your Sponsor/Expert answers the phone, tell him/her that you have your Prospect on the line an that you are about to connect all three of you
  • Press the RECALL Button*
  • Wait for Dial Tone
  • Press number 3 on keypad
  • All three of you will now be connected.

You should now introduce your Prospect to your Sponsor/Expert by saying something like, “Prossie, thanks for holding. May I introduce Sam. Sam is my coach/mentor/partner, and will be much more capable of answering your questions. Sam – please meet Prossie”

As the Novice, the next thing to do is shut up, listen and learn!

* Recall Button

The RECALL button is not to be confused with the REDIAL button.

On some phones, the RECALL button is also known as the FLASH button.

Some modern phones now come with specific 3-Way Call buttons.

Where neither a RECALL nor FLASH button is indicated, the TALK button will often serve the same purpose. It is worth having a couple of practice calls with friends before trying out with a real live prospect.

Mobile Phones

Whilst most mobile phones don’t have a RECALL button, the TALK button serves the same purpose. In addition, many mobiles now have specific screen options during the call for setting up a 3-Way Call, transferring between callers, and ending one call etc.


Of course, one of the great ways of using 3-Way Calling is for doing product and opportunity presentations over the telephone whilst simultaneously viewing a PowerPoint®-type presentation over the Internet. This is ideal for a situation where the Prospect, the Novice Networker and the Experienced Expert are all located some distance apart.

When setting up the appointment with your Prospect, you explain that you would like your Sponsor/Expert to conduct the presentation because he/she is far more experienced. This demonstrates to your Prospect the fantastic support system that is in place in your team/company etc. This is, effectively, the online version of a two-on-one (or two-on-two) presentation.

It gives the Novice a great opportunity to learn how to give the presentation, and, bit by bit the Sponsor/Expert, should encourage and allow the Novice to give parts of the presentation, until eventually, the Novice can give the whole presentation him/herself.

The advantage in this scenario is that the Novice can literally read (word for word from a script) his/her part(s) of the presentation, without the Prospect knowing that he/she is reading it! Just like cheating in an exam and being able to get away with it!

Edify Your Upline

When setting up the appointment, it is a good idea if the Novice sets the scene for the presentation by edifying (building up) the Sponsor/Expert, so that there is some rapport there before the Sponsor/Expert is introduced to the Prospect.

It’s a well know fact that we, as people, only every purchase goods and/or services from someone we KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.

Therefore, it makes great sense (assuming that there is already some ‘know, like and trust’ rapport between the Novice and the Prospect) that the Novice sets the scene and edifies the Sponsor/Expert. A great way of doing this is if the Expert has a website, profile page or some other personal info that the Prospect can see/read before the actual presentation takes place. (Having a Profile Page on the Network Marketing Australia website is a great way of doing this.  Nothing like giving one’s self a good plug!).


3-Way Calling is automatically available on Telstra ‘tone phones’ in most areas throughout Australia and is free of monthly charges to most customers on HomeLine® Plans. 3-Way Chat is charged at 55 cents per successful use - plus call charges at standard rates for each call joined into the conversation

Additional Info

When on a call with one other person and a third person calls in to your number, it is possible to introduce the third person into a 3-Way Call.

Whilst still on the call to the first person (whether or not you were the originator of the call) - to answer the incoming call…

  1. Tell the first person that you are about to take the incoming call
  2. Press the RECALL Button
  3. Wait for Dial Tone
  4. Press number 2 on keypad

Having identified who the incoming call is from, and if wishing to include this person into a 3-Way Call, simply,

  1. Press the RECALL button,
  2. Wait for Dial Tone
  3. Press number 3 on the keypad.

To split a 3-Way Call and put one caller on hold

  1. Press the Recall Button
  2. Wait for Dial Tone
  3. Press number 2 on keypad

To hang up on one call and return to the call on hold

  1. Press the Recall Button
  2. Wait for Dial Tone
  3. Press number 1 on the keypad

Daisy Chaining 

‘Daisy Chaining’ is an extension of 3-Way Calling and enables more than three callers to be involved in a conference-type call.

Theoretically, it is possible to have an infinite number of callers all on the one call. Here’s how it works…

You (let’s call you ‘Person A’) have phoned Person B and then conferenced in Person C thus making a 3-Way Call.

Person B   <  Person C

However, you now want to invite Person D to also come into the call.

Because you have been the originator of the calls, and because the 3-Way facility has a limit of two, you aren’t able to call Person D. However - Person B or Person C can.

So, lets say that Person B makes a 3-Way Call to Person D - that would enable Person C to also introduce Person E to the call if necessary.

D    E

Similarly, Persons D and E could introduce F and G – and so on.

There are a couple of downsides to Daisy Chaining to this extent.

Callers in the ‘middle’ of the Daisy Chain can’t opt out of the call without disconnecting those on their ‘end’ of the chain.

No more than 3 callers within the same telephone exchange can be linked together, meaning that it may be necessary to make at least one ‘distance’ phone call after every three ‘local’ calls.


If you are the Novice and are going to rely on your sponsor or upline support to come onto the 3-way call – make sure that the Sponsor/Expert is going to be available at the time – say a 30minute time frame.

If you are the Sponsor/Upline Expert, make sure that you are available during that time, and if you are going to be on other calls whilst waiting for the Novice to ring, make sure that you don’t make or get involved in a 3-Way Call whilst waiting – because your Novice wont be able to contact you whilst you are on a 3-Way Call

When calling a ‘Key Prospect’ it is always a good idea for the Novice to have the upline expert already on the call – showing respect and professionalism to the Prospect.

 3-Way Calling…

  • Enables the Sponsor/Expert to give a product and opportunity presentation, answer questions and handle objections
  • Enables the Novice to listen and learn in real-life situations
  • Demonstrates to the Prospect, the support system that is available
  • Instils confidence in the Novice - and the Prospect
  • It is effective – it really works
  • Most of all – it’s FUN!

Go forth and have fun – after all, that’s one of the best things about Network Marketing.